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Square Enix Wiki
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This page deals with content related with the function and work of the Square Enix Wiki. This page has no content relevant or pertinent to Square Enix, as per the Coverage Policy.

The wiki staff are editors who have been given the position to perform restricted tasks. Staff positions are awarded to those who continuously show that they are willing to create and write in-depth articles, cover a scope of a project, and/or revert vandalism. The Square Enix Wiki's current staff is made up of several people with different powers and responsibilities. In most cases, their main role continues to be editing articles on the wiki, like any other editor.

Current staff


Administrators are able block vandals, protect pages, rollback vandalism, and delete and move pages and files, among other things.

File:Staff Icon Bud0011.png File:Staff Icon UxieLover1994.png File:Staff Icon KeybladeSpyMaster.png
Bud0011 UxieLover1994 KeybladeSpyMaster


Bureaucrats are users who, in addition to the powers given to administrators, can assign other users to user groups.

File:Staff Icon Bud0011.png File:Staff Icon UxieLover1994.png File:Staff Icon KeybladeSpyMaster.png File:Staff Icon Sove.png
Bud0011 UxieLover1994 KeybladeSpyMaster Sove


Moderators are editors who are able to quickly revert vandalism, move files and move pages without leaving a redirect.

There are currently no moderators on the Square Enix Wiki.


Ambassadors are users who are administrators or staff on other SEIWA sites and affiliated sites.

File:Staff Icon SilverCrono.png File:Staff Icon Neumannz.png File:Staff Icon FlyingRagnar.png File:Staff Icon Moydow.png File:Staff Icon Starphoria.png File:Staff Icon T.c.w7468.png
SilverCrono Neumannz FlyingRagnar Moydow Starphoria T.c.w7468
Chrono Wiki Kingdom Hearts Wiki Dragon Quest Wiki StrategyWiki, NIWA NIWA NIWA

Special Groups

All editors on the wiki are equal, and have the same obligation to editing content, with few exceptions. Some editors play special roles in easing and directing that work. They belong to special groups, which may take authoritative decisions regarding content and users. They can be contacted at any time for matters regarding their roles.

Please contact the wiki's staff if you're interested in joining any of these roles.

Tech Support

The tech support of the wiki manages things on server-side of the wiki, including installing extensions, upgrading the MediaWiki software, modifying CSS and Javascript, etc. They have full powers on the site, but have no direct responsibility to the content on the wiki. Any concerns or issues should be posted on the Technical Issues page.

The leader of this group is the System Admin, and is highlighted in gold.

Tech Support
File:Staff Icon Sove.png File:Staff Icon Bud0011.png File:Staff Icon Moydow.png
Sove Bud0011 Moydow

Writing Staff

The Writing Staff is a council of users tasked with managing content on the wiki. They have no special or additional powers, but organize projects, direct writing, and help upload files. They best know how to handle content on the wiki.

The leader of this group is the Editor-in-Chief, and is highlighted in gold.

There are currently no users belonging to the Writing Staff.

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User Customization
User Groups and Rights
  • User rights list: A special page listing all user levels and all privileges for each level.
  • Group rights: Overall information about group rights.
  • Staff: The Square Enix Wiki's current staff
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