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This page deals with content related with the function and work of the Square Enix Wiki. This page has no content relevant or pertinent to Square Enix, as per the Coverage Policy.

It's been said before, but again, welcome to the Square Enix Wiki. We're glad to have you here, and appreciate your willingness to help us in our mission to cover all the works of Square Enix, and all the hard work that was put into our favorite video games, anime, music, and more.

Before you begin editing, please take a moment to look through the rules and guideline pages before you begin making large edits or massive amounts of them; it will keep us from having to undo something that didn't fit in the wiki's style, or you from having to redo some hard work. In addition, you can use this page as a quick link to find our guides around the wiki in one handy spot!

If you have any questions about anything below, please feel free to ask a fellow editor or staff member for clarification.


All articles on the Square Enix Wiki are written according to the wiki's set Manual of Style. Be sure to follow appropriate grammar and spelling conventions in articles; we don't want to have to proofread every article ourselves. Also, follow the appropriate formatting guidelines for each article. If creating a new article, be sure it falls under the wiki's Coverage Policy. If you're new to wiki-text and editing on wikis, be sure to check out our introduction to editing.


All images must be uploaded according to the wiki's Image Policy; this means that they must be appropriate and needed for articles. They cannot be fan-art or other unofficial works. They must also follow the wiki's naming schema; no images will be allowed titled kdklajfe930.jpg, they will be deleted and the uploaded will be given a warning.

Images allowed on the wiki include boxart, logos, screenshots of games and anime; cover art for manga and albums; images of people; company logos; and other images under the wiki's coverage policy. Images will be allowed for userpages and such, but if it gets out of hand, this rule will be revoked.

Talk Pages

Talk pages are used to communicate with other editors. Article talk pages should be used for discussing the formatting and content of the article. They should not be used to discuss the subject. For example, the talk page for Kingdom Hearts III should be used to discuss what should be used in the article and what should be left for the Kingdom Hearts Wiki to cover; it should not be used to discuss speculation or wishes for Kingdom Hearts III. Please keep such topics to the wiki's forums.

User talk pages should generally be for communicating with a user concerning wiki-related subjects. They generally are not a place for socializing, that's what the IRC is for.

Article talk pages should be archived by staff members. User talk pages should be archived at the user's discretion. However, blanking the page is not acceptable; do not remove content from a user talk page, even if it's your own. It can be moved to an archive page. The only exception is spam and vandalism.


The wiki's help navigation at the bottom of the page is to serve as a help for finding more information on editing. Many of these pages are still a work in progress, so if there's any problems/concerns/questions, be sure to ask a staff member.

Again, welcome to the Square Enix Wiki!

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User Groups and Rights
  • User rights list: A special page listing all user levels and all privileges for each level.
  • Group rights: Overall information about group rights.
  • Staff: The Square Enix Wiki's current staff
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