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Square Enix Wiki:Plagiarism Policy

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As a wiki, the Square Enix Wiki greatly supports and encourages editing by all. The wiki is an advocate for the free and open access to information, just like any other wiki. The content on the wiki is free and open to inform anyone, regardless of their affiliation with the Square Enix Wiki, the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance, any of SEIWA's member wikis, or any wiki at all. The wiki's content is available to all under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC-BY-NC-SA). However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. The Square Enix Wiki has a standard which it follows and expects to be followed on this wiki, and by our fellow editors on other wikis.

Out of courtesy to the hard work by other editors like us, this wiki is strongly against the mass copying and pasting of content from other wikis. Copying and pasting is okay if it is permitted by the source. We expect any significant copying from other wikis or sources to be attributed. This is required because most wikis require this as part of their license. However, the Square Enix Wiki does not accept mass copying of content, images, etc. from other wikis, regardless of attribution. Mass copying means copying multiple pages word for word with little or no intention to change the transferred content. You can copy entire pages so long as you make an effort to alter the content so that it is in your words.

In addition to discouraging our editors from committing this unfairness to other hard working editors, researchers, publishers, etc., we call on all wikis to do the same. The Square Enix Wiki opposes the mass copying of content from this wiki to other wikis, with the sole intention of building up the second wiki and with no intention of altering the content. Such actions creates unnecessary competition, and is unfair to our hard-working editors here on the wiki. Should such actions be taken against the Square Enix Wiki, the staff will discuss, and encourage the staff and editors of the copying wiki to please cease such actions. We are not an unreasonable bunch; we discourage rash and sudden actions without first attempting to discuss the issue with the copying wiki. But we will not stand for such actions if nothing is done in response.

The Square Enix Wiki still stand by other wikis in providing free and open content to all. This policy is in no means intended to limit the editor or the viewer. Rather, this policy is intended to protect editors from having their work mercilessly taken without any attribution, as well as respect the work of other editors and websites, and their hard work. This policy is intended to serve as respect to editors, websites, authors, writers, artists, and more people who continue to enlighten and provide the world with their work.

Disciplinary Action

The following is the Square Enix Wiki's disciplinary action towards editors found in violation of the Plagiarism Policy:

  • 1st Time: Content is removed, Editor is notified
  • 2nd Time: Content is removed, editor is warned with Warning 1
  • 3rd Time: Content is removed, editor is warned with Warning 2. Page is protected for a month.
  • 4th Time: Content is removed, editor is blocked for six months. Upon return, page(s) is/are protected for two months.
  • 5th Time: Content is removed, editor is banned.

The following is the Square Enix Wiki's action towards other wikis found in violation of the Plagiarism Policy:

  • The Square Enix Wiki's staff will meet and discuss a course of action.
  • The course of action will include a discussion of the issue with the violating wiki's staff and editors first and foremost.
  • At all times, efforts will be made to encourage violating wiki's staff and editors to cease the mass copying/pasting, and remove existing copied/pasted content. If possible, editors and staff from the Square Enix Wiki are encouraged to help with any rewriting or other actions the violating wiki's staff/editors have taken to address the issue.
  • If needed, the Square Enix Wiki's staff will resort to WAFRE for help/aid in dealing with the issue.

The policy does not apply to content copied to non-wiki websites or publications, nor does it apply if you are copying your own written content from another wiki or from this wiki.

Please see WAFRE for more information.