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Help:Moving Pages

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Moving pages is the action of renaming a page to a new title. This guide teaches you how to move a page, and how to know when is necessary to move page.

How to Move a Page

  1. If the name change is a major change from the previous name, please start a discussion on the talkpage of that article, so you know what the community thinks.
  2. After the move nomination is closed, and a verdict is reached, you can move the page.
  3. To begin moving the article, click the "move" tab at the top of the article.
  4. Make sure that you dont suppress the redirect unless the redirect standards support otherwise.
  5. Please update all links linking to the new page.

Reasons to move a page

  1. You should move a page if the title is misspelled.
  2. You should move a page if it does not follow Square Enix Wiki's naming standards.
  3. Move the page if the name of the article was changed by Sqaure Enix or any other company. (i.e If Sora were to be renamed "Sara")
  4. Move the page if community consensus supports the move. (Mark the page and discussion page of the article to be moved with {{Move}})
  5. Move the page if the article's name isn't the North American or European name.
  6. Move the page if the title of the page is incorrect. (i.e An article about Chrono Trigger being named Kingdom Hearts)
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