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Square Enix Wiki:System Admin

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The System Administrator (system admin or sysadmin for short) is the user with primary responsibility for maintenance of the wiki on the server side. Unlike the Editor-in-Chief, the system admin might not be a representative or leader of the wiki on content-related matters, though this does not rule out the system admin from holding any such positions (however, unless the system admin is an active contributor to the wiki, you should contact an active administrator for content-related issues). The system admin should be contacted as soon as possible if you notice any errors preventing you from contributing to the wiki.

The system admin's duties include:

  • Installing and updating extensions, and removing broken or unused ones
  • Maintaining the wiki's database
  • Ensuring that the wiki is using the most current version of MediaWiki and installed extensions
  • Correcting errors that cause the wiki to become incapable of proper function

The system admin is not an elected position. Rather, he/she is selected from the members of the tech support group, at the discretion of Tacopill, the server's lead administrator.

The current system admin is Sove.