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Help:Group rights

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Template:NavBox/HelpNav This help page is about the various user groups here on Square Enix Wiki. This page explains each of the user groups, how to get the rights, and what qualities one should have to obtain the rights. Most of the group rights are given out by Bureaucrats.


Autoconfirmed users are users who have been active on the wiki for a total of 96 hours, and have gained a total of 10 edits. This group is automatically added to a user once they have met those requirements. Autoconfirmed users can edit semi-protected pages, or pages that cannot be edited by new users.

Autopatrolled users

Autopatrolled users are trusted users of the wiki. Autopatrolled users adhere to all policies, make few errors, and are good examples of users on a wiki. To become an autopatrolled user, a bureaucrat of the wiki must give them the rights. Autopatrolled users can skip the captcha, and have their edits automatically marked as patrolled.


Bots are automated, or computer controlled, accounts that perform little tasks from helping with redirects to welcoming new users to performing text replace functions. To have a bot, you must ask a bureaucrat of the wiki.


Ambassadors are trusted staff members from other wikis who have created an account on Square Enix Wiki. Ambassadors are given certain rights to deal with technical matters on the wiki. To become an ambassador, you must be a trusted staff member from another wiki.


Moderators are trusted users of the wiki who have been given certain rights to help out on the wiki. To become a Moderator, you should be a trusted user of the wiki who follows and enforces the policies, and you should know how to use the rights.


Administrators are the most trusted users of Square Enix Wiki. They are dedicated users of the wiki who have a desire to help maintain the wiki, and help out users in need of it. Administrators should have a vast knowledge about wikis and the wiki policies of Square Enix Wiki. These users are given rights to help maintain the wiki, such as blocking a user. To become an administrator, you should have community support, and should be a trusted user of the wiki. If you meet these requirements, then a bureaucrat will give you administrator rights.