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This Media Policy is meant to provide a set of standards for the uploading and use of various media files on the Square Enix Wiki. This policy not only betters the organization of media files, but aims to make them better in quality and usable in many situations. This policy is adapted from the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.


All images must be uploaded as either .png, .jpg, or .gif file formats. When uploading an image, make sure that it is of adequate quality; avoid uploading an image if it is too blurry or hard to make out. Images such as renders, logos, or single-item artwork should be uploaded with a transparent background. You may use Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to remove backgrounds or convert files to the appropriate format. Do not use Microsoft Paint for converting files to .png, as it doesn’t have the ability to remove or retain transparency. If you are using a program to save create files in .gif, make sure to render them in the "Pattern" style, which optimizes quality. Screenshots from the games should be taken directly from the game, and should not be uploaded with any form of trademark or watermark on the image. Merchandise and product images may have trademarks on the items if the image is the official product image.

At all times, use officially-released images. Do not use or upload fan art or user-altered images of any kind, except those altered to remove white backgrounds.

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