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Help:Talk Pages

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Talk pages are discussion pages where members of the wiki can discuss matters of the wiki. Talk pages can be edited in the same fashion as any other page, however, there are different rules that users of the wiki are expected to adhere to.

Editing a talk page

  1. To edit a talkpage, simply hit the "edit" tab at the top of a page. If you would like to add a new section to a talkpage, hit the "+" button.
  2. Make sure your comment is at the bottom of the talkpage. Type in your comment. Be sure if you are continuing a discussion to add an indent (:) each time.
  3. Be sure to sign your comments with four tidles (~~~~).
  4. Click the "Show preview" button to make sure your comment is the way you want it to be.
  5. Click the "Save page" button to save your edit to the talk page.
  6. Your comment is now saved to the talk page!

Signing your comment

Every talk page comments are required to be signed. This helps users of the wiki identify who you are. To sign a comment, add four tidles (~~~~) to the end of your comment. This posts your username and the time and date when you posted it. If you do not want to post the timestamp at the end, there is a way to just post your username. You can do this by signing three tildes (~~~), which simply produces your username. It is highly recommended that you sign with four tidles, however, so users can see the date and time you posted the comment. If you just want to produce a timestamp, you can type five tidles (~~~~~). This is hardly used on talk pages, but may be useful in certain scenarios. Signing your comment on the wiki's mainspace articles is not permitted.

Indenting your comments

The colon (:) is used to indent a comment. Add one colon before each of your consecutive comments. Example:

First comment. ~~~~
:Second comment comment. ~~~~
::Third comment. ~~~~

Indenting should be reset when it become too excessive.

Purposes of talk pages

Talk pages are used for the discussion of an article. This means discussing about errors on an article, whether or not an article is a stub, merging two or more articles, etc. Talk pages are not to be used for discussion about the subject of the article. For example:

Square Enix is awesome! ~~~~
:Yeah! My favorite franchise is Final Fantasy! ~~~~

This is not an appropriate discussion. If you see an inappropriate discussion going on in a talk page, please inform the users involved to stop the discussion, and mark the top of the inappropriate discussion with {{Off-topic}}.

User talk pages

User talk pages are used to discuss wiki-related manners with another user. Here, you can thank/compliment users for making constructive edits, talk about a user's editing style, warn a user if they are not following the wiki's policies, etc. Very similar to talk pages, user talk pages are not to be used for general chat with a user. If you wish to chat with a user, please use our Skype chat.

Archiving talk pages

When a talk page becomes too long, it is a good idea to archive it. This means keeping the discussion in a sperate subpage, so it can still be accessed, but it makes room for more discussion on the talk page. For help with archiving talk pages, please see here.

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