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Square Enix Wiki
This page deals with content related with the function and work of the Square Enix Wiki. This page has no content relevant or pertinent to Square Enix, as per the Coverage Policy.

The Square Enix Wiki aims to cover all aspects of the company Square Enix Holdings, LTD. This includes content published by Square Enix, Square (pre-merger), Enix (pre-merger), as well as Eidos and Taitos, and any other companies that Square Enix has acquired or will acquire in a future point in time. However, it would be unnecessary competing with other wikis to cover all aspects of their publications in detail. This wiki will not cover all the details of all publications. When appropriate, such details will instead be redirected to affiliated wikis that focus on those areas. The difference is the level of real-world involvement the item or character is. For example, Tetsuya Nomura would have an article because he's a director and real-world staff who works at Square Enix. However, Sora would not, and all links to Sora instead would be redirected to the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

This policy is subject to change, if needed to, to involve more from games and series or less.

In an attempt to balance things that relate directly to Square Enix, and things that could relate to Square Enix, (as well as help serve the wikis of or related to SEIWA) we have come up with the following guidelines:


The following game-related items deserve pages on the Square Enix Wiki:

  • Series/Franchises
  • Games
  • Launch Events

Please adhere to the following guidelines when writing such articles:

  1. We limit the amount of in-universe information and images present on the wiki for said articles; instead we prefer to send them to their respective wikis with more in-depth information.
  2. At the same time, we try and treat each game release as a entity, some times combining multiple games into one page if they were released and marketed as a set. So, for example:

Main content

  1. Each Square Enix-owned, or published franchise gets one color scheme. All other franchises receive the "Neutral Color scheme". See Color Scheme for more details on colors.
  2. In the infobox for games and series, the wiki that covers the content as its focus area will be linked. However, other wikis can be linked in the "Additional Links" areas.
  3. Characters and locations of a game are listed in a sub-page of each game. For example, characters and locations featured in Dragon Quest X should be listed in Dragon Quest X/Characters and locations.
  4. In addition to StrategyWiki links, certain franchises can be linked to affiliated wikis. See Affiliates


  1. All consoles and hardware that Square Enix has published on will get their own articles.
  2. PCs and Macs that have had Square Enix games published on them will get their own articles. However, these will deal with their direct relation to Square Enix, and will not delve into the computer's history. For example, if a game were published for Windows, then Windows would get an article, but that article would not delve into the history of Windows. Instead, the article would deal with what games Square Enix has published on Windows, and their success on those platforms.

Additional Media

  1. Manga, anime, and other titles and media published by Square Enix deserve their own articles. Square Enix's monthly publication gets its own article, as do any individual publications.
  2. Movies get their own articles.


  1. People who do major work for Square Enix get an article, such as game directors or lead developers.
  2. Voice actors of games. Please do not copy from Wikipedia.
  3. Countries in which Square Enix has had influence in (such as setting up a regional office).


Companies who work with Square Enix deserve an article. Please keep these articles focused on how it relates (directly or indirectly) to Square Enix. These can include:

    • Companies who are owned by Square Enix
    • Companies who make consoles that Square Enix publish on.
    • Companies that work directly with Square Enix, but remain independent of the company.


  1. Specific statements that reflect the design and implementation of anything it has created, worked on or influenced.


  1. Any event that Square Enix has attended or hosted. Including:
    • Trade shows
    • Charity Events
    • Major Launch Events that Square Enix organized
    • Game shows in which Square Enix has been present.

Legal Stuff

  1. Any time the company has been in courts.
  2. Any legally recognized property protection, such as
    • Trademarks
    • Patents
    • Copyrights

Pop culture


  • Wikis that are members of the Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance deserve their own articles.

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User Customization
User Groups and Rights
  • User rights list: A special page listing all user levels and all privileges for each level.
  • Group rights: Overall information about group rights.
  • Staff: The Square Enix Wiki's current staff
Social Networks

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