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This article is for the formatting of articles for individual video games. Please follow the formatting seen here, in addition to what is noted in the Manual of Style. For an example article, see Kingdom Hearts (game).


  • At all times, use the full and official name of the video game. This is especially true for the article title.
  • Do not use italics or quotation marks in the titles
  • Be mindful of the wiki-text limits. Alternative titles may need to be discussed for games whose titles interfere with the wiki markup limitations.
  • Be sure to use the {{InfoGame}} template on all game articles
  • All series articles must use the appropriate series navigation template at the bottom of the page. If none exists, use the navigation template of the publishing company, whether it's {{NavSquare}}, {{NavEnix}}, {{NavSquareEnix}}, {{NavEidos}}, or {{NavTaitos}}.
  • Games must have Category:Games added to them, as well as a category corresponding to the series.
E.g.: An article on Chrono Cross needs to have the Category:Games added as well as Category:Chrono


  • Use all sections in the game and completely fill them out, unless details following for each section says otherwise.
  • Please use {{Sec-stub}} template for sections you cannot fill out yourself.


  • The introductory paragraph does not have a header. Do not add one.
  • Use bold and italics on the first mention of the game title in the introductory sentence.
  • In the introductory paragraphs, add a small description of the game, its story, and its release dates.
  • The introduction should not be more than two short paragraphs long.


  • Write a basic story of the entire plot. It should be out-of-universe. Use Wikipedia if needed to get a feel for how the story should be written, and what to cover and not cover.
  • The story section should still be complete. Readers should understand the plot of the game.
  • Do not copy from any wikis, including Wikipedia, as per the wiki's Plagiarism Policy.
  • The "Characters and Locations" sub-section should have the {{Main}} template redirecting to the Characters and Locations sub-page. It should also list no more than ten main characters from the game, with short descriptions.


  • Write a description of how the game is played. Describe the playing style, whether its a combat, racing, puzzle, etc. Describe the general and consistent elements of the game.


  • Summarize the games reception and critical response. Use Wikipedia as a resource for this data, if needed.


  • This section is not required, if it does not apply
  • Summarize the forms of additional media, including soundtrack, anime, manga, films, etc., released based on the game.
  • Link to the various media subpages, if they apply.


  • This section is not required, if it does not apply
  • Summarize the re-releases of the game, including HD remasters, anniversary compilations, etc.

Additional Information

  • Include links to other wikis.
  • The primary affiliate/member wiki is listed first
  • Other affiliate/member wikis that apply follow
  • Strategy Wiki link is listed second to last
  • A link to the Wikipedia article goes last.

Notes and References

  • Use this section to list all references and notes by using {{ref-list}}.
  • End this section with the break space template ({{-}}), followed by any/all relevant navigation templates. Related game navigation template goes first, followed by any others. Square Enix Wiki and SEIWA-related navigation templates go last in all cases.