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Emiko Yamamoto

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山本 恵美子
Emiko Yamamoto
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Basic Information
Born N/A
Residence Japan
Company Disney Interactive Studios
Position Executive Producer
N/A - Present
Video Games Kingdom Hearts
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Emiko Yamamoto is the executive producer for the Kingdom Hearts series at Disney Interactive Japan. Though a Disney employee, she has worked closely with the staff of Square Enix on each entry in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Industry career

Yamamoto's first major project with the Disney brand was Castle of Illusion, starring Mickey Mouse for the Sega Genesis in 1990. She took the project very seriously as she had been a life long fan of Disney since her youth, and made sure that the game carried the same balance of whimsy, mystery, and eerie suspense that the company's older animated films maintained--Snow White being the main inspiration in particular.

Castle of Illusion proved to be a hit for Sega, and would give Yamamoto the good first impression with Disney that would allow her to move to the company and become the supervisor for games made in Japan with the company's licensed characters. With the fateful elevator meeting between the Squaresoft and Disney employees int he Japanese office complex both companies shared developing into a fully-fledged title, Mrs. Yamamoto would become the main producer for each entry in the series.