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Tetsuya Nomura

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野村 哲也
Tetsuya Nomura
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Basic Information
Born October 8, 1970
Kōchi Prefecture, Japan
Residence Japan
Company Square Enix
Position Artist, Director
1992 - present
Video Games Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
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Tetsuya Nomura is a video game artist and the director of the Kingdom Hearts series. He's served as a character designer for many of the Final Fantasy series games.


Final Fantasy

Kingdom Hearts

Tetsuya Nomura has served as the director for the entire Kingdom Hearts series. Just like he had for the Final Fantasy series, Nomura took the job as main 2D artist for every game, and oversees the production of every game. He has a significant role in the development of every game, as he is the main person behind the story development and character design, as well as designing gameplay. Nomura was also the one who asked Utada Hikaru to write and sing two songs for the series.

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