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Romancing SaGa 2

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ロマンシング サ・ガ2
Romancing SaGa 2

Romancing saga 2 boxart.jpg
Basic Info
Console(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii, Wii U, Android/iOS, Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, Switch, Xbox One
Publisher(s) Squaresoft
Square Enix
Developer Squaresoft
ArtePiazza (remake)

People Info

Release Info
Japan December 10, 1993
N. America May 26, 2016 (Android/iOS)
Europe May 26, 2016 (Android/iOS)
Australia May 26, 2016 (Android/iOS)
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Romancing SaGa 2 is the second title in the Romancing sub-series of the SaGa franchise, being the fifth game overall. The game is distinct even within the highly original series, in that the player takes charge of an ever-expanding empire instead of a single small cast of characters. Decades will pass with the completion of a single section of the game, and hundreds of years will pass before the finale draws near.


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"Sit upon the throne of the Varennes Empire and control several generations of rulers in a valiant battle against the Seven Heroes".

"A dynamic freeform scenario system - a hallmark of the million-selling SaGa RPG series - enables you to take command of a variety of protagonists along the line of imperial succession and experience the history of a nation as it grows and changes based on your actions".


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Due to the structure of the game, there is no standard cast of playable characters. Once the tutorial section with Gerard is completed, the player decides who will become emperor or empress from four randomly selected classes, with the rest of the party members picked at the player's desertion. As the empire's territory expands, new races and professions will be available to party members and potential sovereigns.

The following are the default classes that can join the party, all of which are found in Avalon castle.

  • Court mage: the traditional casters of RPGs, who are jack of all trades magicians that can be turned into specialists of one element or continue as generalists. The men are named after the signs of the zodiac, while the women are named after precious gems. Available from the beginning, in the room south of the military drill hall.
  • Heavy infantry: Slow, hard-hitting armored knights named after durable animals. Available from the beginning.
  • Light infantry: adaptable knights that neither excel nor falter. The men are named after American presidents, and the women are named after American actresses. Available from the beginning.
  • Mercenaries: the opposite of the heavy infantry characters, who emphasize dealing damage over durability. Both sexes take their names from characters of Greek mythology. Available after Gerard's first battle, and can also be recruited from the Avalon bar in addition to the castle barracks
  • Ranger: long-distance attackers best suited to taking cover behind their allies. They are named after European kings and queens respectively.

The following are bonus classes/races that can be added to the party after the empire expands into its territory and the local scenario is completed.

  • Amazon: strong-armed women who were forced to form their community in the dense jungle after Rocbouquet mesmerized their husbands and drove them from their homes. Once the evil woman has been dealt with, they will join the empire. All are named after warrior women from a variety of countries.
  • Armed merchant: privateers who turn their proficiency for pillaging into a boon for the empire. They all boast incredible agility, and making the emperor or empress an armed merchant yields the best formation in the game. Armed merchants join after territorial disputes regarding the empire's ocean territory are settled, and all are named after famous seafarers.
  • Brawler typical martial artists, who request aid from the empire in dealing with a slime infestation. These men are named after professional wrestlers of the 70's and 80's.
  • Crusader: the upgrade to the heavy infantry units that join once the Cumberland scenario is completed. They are named after Christian saints and knights.
  • Desert guard: the upgrade to the light infantry units, being jacks of all trades of a higher quality. They will join once the southern territories are added to the empire, and are named after characters found in "1001 Arabian Nights".
  • Diver: women that dive in the open ocean to spear fish. They will join once the issues with Subier are taken care of, and are named after American singers.
  • Hunter: the upgrade to the ranger class, who are more durable than most bow users. The scenario with the termite queen must be completed for them to join, and all have African names.
  • Imperial guards: spear users with incredible constitution. The men boast the highest strength stat in the game and are named after Roman military leaders, and the women serve as excellent backup healers in addition to their melee capabilities--they take their names after Roman goddesses.
  • Iris: winged women with the feet of birds, they have good speed, wing magic proficiency, and adequate bow skill. Their names are based on weather phenomena. They can be recruited by climbing the top of the far eastern mountain and agreeing to their request to kill Wagnas, or by assembling all of the wandering minstrel's instruments and playing his song at the summit of the mountain.
  • Levante guard: yojimbo that specialize in greatswords, similarly to how the imperial guards specialize in spears, and will join once the empire expands to the eastern frontier. All are named after famous samurai.
  • Mage for hire: specialist magic uses who focus on one element exclusively, and each member also uses a different weapon. These magi can be recruited after the magical research institute is created, which can be done in Gerard's time. The men are named after stars, and the women after flowers.
  • Mole: rodent beastmen who dress in traditional Chinese clothing and are highly skilled in the use of epees despite their cumbersome looking hands. They will join the empire alongside the hunters once the termite queen is slain.
  • Nereid: mermaids that focus on water magic. They will join after a lengthy sidequest at Lake Aquat in the Ludon highlands, but because this task will require the use of the moles they can only be recruited after the termite queen is killed. All of them are named after the nereids of Greek mythology, aside from Tethys who is a sea goddess.
  • Nomad: wandering people whose men focus on axe wielding while the women practice the bow. This group will join once the trouble with Bokhohn's "land ship" in the great plains is taken care of. The men are named after famous rules of Mongolia, while the women take their names from a variety of sources.
  • Saigo clansman: true defensive characters that have the highest durability of all, but only mediocre strength. The Saigo clan as a whole joins the empire after their frozen territory is defended. The names are mostly those of famous Scandinavians, with one Japanese name mixed in.
  • Salamander: frilled-lizard beast people who boast a high temperature tolerance and incredible physical capability with a high axe proficiency. They will join the empire after the party prevents their volcano home from erupting, and all of them are named after real world volcanoes. The salamanders are all coded as female in the game's programming, making them immune to Rocbouquet's charm attacks.
  • Strategist: upgrades to the magi for hire, they are much faster than their casting peers in addition to having three default elemental specialties. They can only be recruited once the Avalon imperial school is completed, and are all named after military strategists from the "Three Kingdoms" period of Chinese history.
  • Vagabond: the game's thief class, which joins the standard Avalon stock after one of them is caught in the act, and she agrees to help the party infiltrate an enemy fort. The men are named after starlings and kites, with the women being named after small mammals.


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Development history

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  • Executive Producers: Tetsuo Mizuno, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Hitoshi Takemura
  • Project Director, Game Design, Scenario: Akitoshi Kawazu

Game Design

  • Battle Logic Program: Tomonori Hiraishi
  • Menu Visual Program: Takaaki Tonooka
  • Menu Design, Map Data Cell Production: Jyunichi Shinomiya
  • Map Data Works, Map Production: Akihiko Matsui
  • Map Production, Map Check: Yoshiro Kimura

Graphic Design

  • Character Design: Tomomi Kobayashi
  • Battle Screen Effect Program: Makoto Hasegawa
  • Battle Design, Battle Data Works: Kyoji Koizumi
  • Battle Effects, Battle Backgrounds, Monster Title: Hiroshi Takai
  • Monster Ending: Makato Sawano
  • Chief Map Graphics: Hiromi Ito
  • Map Graphics: Sachiko Tanabe, Yayoi Morisako
  • Map Graphics World Map Opening: Kazuyuki Ikumori
  • Map Objects Menu Graphics: Tomoyuki Arai
  • Map Objects: Yoko Tamai


  • Composer: Kenji Ito
  • Sound Effects Production: Yasunori Mitsuda
  • Sound Staff: Kazumi Mitome , Yasumasa Okamoto , Tamio Otomo , Naoto Kurihara
  • Sound Programmer: Minoru Akao
  • Environmental Maintenance: Keitarou Adachi , Masahiro Nakajima, Mitsuo Ogura
  • Equipment Management: Mariko Yumoto , Hirokazu Kizuka
  • Chief Map Events Programmer: Tomoki Anazawa


  • Manual & Packaging: Kei Hirata, Kiyoko Maeda
  • Advertisement: Yūsuke Hirata, Michio Okamiya
  • Ongoing Management: Tomoyuki Takechi, Tohru Morita
  • Monitor Management: Shin-ichiro Kajitani, Koji Yamashita
  • Development Support: Hiroshi Kobayashi, Masashi Kanashige, Hirofumi Yokota, Takako Kanda, Nobuko Ishikawa, Minako Kōno, Rei Tsukakoshi, Kimie Inagi, Yōko Suemitsu, Hitomi Nakamura, Wakako Sato , Sayaka Aoyama, Kiyomi Tanikawa, Jun Saito, Kenichi Ōgo, Shinobu Hidaki, Hisako Suzuki, Toshirō Ōno , Hiroko Noguchi, Masamichi Someno, Kaori Masuda, Masahiro Horie, Masako Mori, Yumiko Ishida, Kiyotaka Sousui, Tadashi Nomura, Noriko Watanabe
  • Romancing Saga Original Staff: Yoshinori Kitase, Nobuyuki Inoue, Toshiyuki Inoue, Keizo Kokubo, Satoru Yoshieda, Kazuko Shibuya, Manabu Daishima
  • Special Thanks: Nobuo Uematsu, Kiyoshi Yoshii, Jiro Mifune, Manabu Denno


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