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Dragon Quest Wiki

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Dragon Quest Wiki
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The Dragon Quest Wiki is a collaborative project to compile a collective knowledge of video game series Dragon Quest. The series is developed by Square Enix corporation and dates back to 1986. The effort to create a database of knowledge grew out of earlier efforts by Dragon Quest fans on the web; notably the Dragon Warrior Encyclopedia, Wikipedia's Wikiproject Dragon Quest, and other various Dragon Quest fansites. The Dragon Quest Wiki intends to become the best source of Dragon Quest information on the web. Combining textual information, images, and links to video content, the Dragon Quest Wiki will be the place to learn anything and everything about Dragon Quest.


When launched on November 20, 2007, the wiki was originally known as the Dragon Quest Dictionary~Encyclopedia. During this time, the site was primarily administered by Zenithian. Prior to its launch, there were discussions as to what the best method of creating a collaborative database would be. Input was received from the Dragon's Den, Dragon Quest Shrine, and Zenithia.com. It was decided that MediaWiki would be the best software to use due to it being free software and having widespread usage.

FlyingRagnar became involved with the Dragon Quest content on Wikia in late 2009. He was promoted to administrator in early spring of 2010. However, management decisions made by Wikia forced him and many of the regular contributors to abandon Wikia.

On October 16, 2010, FlyingRagnar assisted in upgrading and moving the wiki to a new host. This step was the first in combining users and content from the Dragon Quest Wiki hosted by Wikia. Using the appropriate Creative Commons license, content from Wikia was added to the existing content of the Dragon Quest Dictionary~Encyclopedia. Subsequently, the name of the wiki was changed to Dragon Quest Wiki as a result of the merge.

In 2023, SEIWA voted to remove Dragon Quest Wiki from its membership

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