Square Enix Wiki:To-Do List

The following is our current to-do list for the Square Enix Wiki. Below is the simplified list, with more details divided by headings. Be sure to ask anyone on the wiki for any additional information and jump in!

  • Update Coverage policies to allow for in-game coverage of games/series not covered by an associated wiki.
  • Update all existing articles
  • Create necessary content categories
  • Purge unnecessary/unused templates
  • Update existing templates for current use
  • Update the Community Portal


  • Adjust coverage to allow for in-game coverage of games/series that do not currently have an independent wiki that could cover them.


  • Update all articles for the Kingdom Hearts series.
  • Create all content categories.
  • Add content based on Chrono, Dragon Quest, and the Final Fantasy series. (SEIWA-associated content)
  • Collect list of all Square Enix titles.


  • Determine which templates we really need and which we don't from all templates.
  • Of the templates we keep:
  • Update all navigation templates
  • Create missing templates based on what we determine to cover and are needing


  • Update the Community Portal
    • Add links to Discord, Facebook