Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is an action role-playing handheld game developed and published by Square Enix in collaboration with Disney Interactive Studios, and the fifth title in the Kingdom Hearts series. It follows Terra, Aqua, and Ventus, three aspiring masters of the Keyblade who seek to stop Master Xehanort from waging a Keyblade War.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Basic Information
Romaji Kingudamu Hātsu Bāsu Bai Surīpu
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Developer(s) Square Enix
Console(s) PlayStation Portable
Rating E 10+
Genre Action Role-Playing
Players 1-3
Development Team
Release Info
Japan January 9, 2010
North America September 7, 2010
Europe September 10, 2010
Australia September 9, 2010
Series Info
Series Kingdom Hearts
Predecessor Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Successor Kingdom Hearts coded

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep was released on the PlayStation Portable in Japan on Januay 9, 2010, in North America on September 7, 2010, in Europe on September 10, 2010, and in Australia on September 9, 2010. It is the only title in the series to be released on the PlayStation Portable.




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